Monday, February 10, 2020

Transformational Leadership Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Transformational Leadership - Research Paper Example The following questions would like (Drenkard, 2013)wise be appropriately addressed: (1) is the style currently being used? (2) Has it been revised? (3) If it is being used, in what area is it used most often? The chosen leadership style would be expounded, as stated; and provide details if it was found to have a place in health care today. The definition of transformational leadership was described by Johnson & Potts (2012) as an â€Å"action-based leadership style that recognizes the need for change, which is guided by admirable influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individualized attention† (p. 12). This was corroborated by Clavelle (2012) who described transformational leadership as â€Å"striving for open communication and fostering change in an environment of shared leadership and decision making† (p. 345). From these definitions, it could be deduced that as perceived from the word ‘tranform’, this style of leadership aims to change some facets of the work setting towards remarkable improvement, growth, and professional development. In fact, Leach (2005) emphasized that â€Å"transformational leadership is a suitable approach in organizations requiring change, development, initiative, and creativity in turbulent and uncertain environments† (p. 228). T his statement therefore indicates that there are some conditions or situations that were deemed to be emergent prior to confirming that the tranformational leadership style is appropriate. The conditions include: (1) current status being in a turbulent or substandard scenarios; (2) there are opportunities seen that would significantly improve the current work environmen; and (3) proposed changes would bring the organization or its stakeholders to unprecedented heights of professional growth. The concept of transformational leadership, reported to have been initiated in 1978, was attributed to

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